AvivetĀ® and NutrovetĀ® await in VII International Seminar of Swine Production in Ica

Avivet® and Nutrovet® be present at the "VII International Seminar of Swine Production" to be held at the Central Auditorium Jose Pardo and Barreda, in Chincha the 10 and 11 of November.

Agrovet Market showcase its product portfolio for swine under the brands Avivet® - Advanced ingredients, antibiotics specifically designed to combat health challenges that arise in farm; and Nutrovet® - Performance Nutrition, differentiated products to supplement the diet of pigs and maximum productivity.

Within Avivet® products include Tylodox® WS, potent antibiotic tylosin-based combination and doxycycline, Amoxycol® WS antibiotic beta-lactam combination - polypeptide, double broad spectrum bacterial effect; and as part of Nutrovet®, highlights Vetonic® with Nucleotides OS, comprehensive bioestimulante with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, electrolytes, essential fatty acids and nucleotides.


We wait to all the attendees in this great event that promotes growth and development of pig production in Peru.